I entered my first photography contest when I was 11 years old living in Hong Kong and took second place against 100's of adults with much more experience. I was hooked.

Capturing that special moment and telling a story with a single picture are my goals every time I pick up my camera. Using light and composition and intuition and experience to find just the right image is both the art and science I practice. It is a wonderful and terrifying muse, but when the shutter clicks and you that was "the one" it all become worth it.

I am a bit of a travel bum, with my happiest moments being somewhere far away with a camera in my hand and something amazing in front of me, so I began professional photography taking travel and landscape pictures. This is such a beautiful world we live in and so full of amazing sights that I was never at a loss for material.

But I discovered that the real beauty in this world is in the people. Faces and bodies and clothes in infinite variety. All beautiful and all with their own special story to tell, so I began focusing on people instead of things. From fashion models to soccer moms; from babies to grandmas, from glitterati to street people; all present such beauty if you have eyes to see.

​So that is my mission now, to see the unique beauty and tell the story of the people I photograph.

Would you like to tell me yours?

Prana Light Photography

A little About Me

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portrait photography

                 Bike Night May 2016                                                                                                         India

BTW - I also own a yoga studio, (www.SoniYoga.com) where I teach regularly, and a yoga travel company (www.YogaTravelAlliance.com)  to take you to some of the world's most amazing places. Yoga and creativity go hand in hand in all I do.